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Welcome to ASE Certification Training Headquarters! We have everything you need to make your life easier as you begin your career as an Automotive Service Excellence Certified Master Mechanic. State specific training requirements, a step-by-step hiring process, potential employers, and interviews to help you get hired are just some of the helpful things you'll find here.

New York Mechanic’s License Certification (ASE, Master Mechanic)

Fortunately in the State of New York, auto mechanics are not required to get a license to service automobiles!

On the other hand, even if there’s not a standard or widespread prerequisite does not imply all auto technicians are similarly capable for a role in an automobile repair center!

Salaries for Car Technicians in New York

Total Number of Auto Mechanics34,160
Average Annual Salary$39,820
Average Hourly Wage$19.15
Employment (per 1,000 jobs)3.955
Annual Job Growth Rate4.0%
Estimated Job Openings per Year 1,708
Wage Statistics for Automotive Service Technicians (2014 U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics)

Supplemental Qualifications

In order to make oneself considerably more valuable to future mechanic shops, the majority of automotive specialists will find that their own job prospects strengthen if they are able to accomplish additional certifications and instruction:

Automobile Service Excellence (ASE) Certification in New York

Quite a few auto technicians choose to obtain specialised certification from the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) ( ASE is a private, non-profit association that works to improve quality of motor vehicle maintenance and servicing by certifying and testing maintenance and auto service industry experts. ASE Certification is invariably a significant aspect of a technician’s career and resume, and definitely will help showcase knowledge and make technicians far more marketable to future auto repair shops. Simply make sure to put in some time to review for the assessments making use of our completely free assessment tools and questions. Automobile mechanics in addition to other service specialists that would like to get ASE certification could take each of ASE’s 40 tests. After completing these job-related skill exams, the automotive mechanic becomes ASE certified in several of the following subjects: Automobile, truck equipment, school bus, and many more.

Refrigerant Licensing in New York

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requires all auto technicians that work with or acquire refrigerants to attain certification in correct handling of refrigerants. Presently there is no formal examination preparation mandated, but a large number of unions, technical schools, and company groups offer lessons and classroom sessions for assessment preparation. Further details about this official certification can be read at the official EPA webpage.

ASE Student Certification in New York

ASE automotive trainingStudent Certification will let you move on the ideal track for building a career as an effective service skilled professional in the auto industry. In contrast to the actual ASE accreditation, there aren’t any work experience prerequisites for student certification. The student simply just would need to pass one or more of the student certification tests. Once the applicant has effectively achieved one of these exams, the school prints the qualification and has it signed by the school principal and it is awarded to the student. The student certification is valid for two years from the evaluation day.

Operating in New York, mechanics who fulfill the following prerequisites are significantly more likely to acquire a job in an automobile mechanic shop as compared with job seekers who do not fulfill some of these minimal prerequisites:

  • Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) Certification (Master Mechanic certification preferred)
  • New York work experience in one of the following areas:
    • Parts Specialist – 2 years
    • Service Consultant – 2 years
  • On-the-job training from local automotive dealers
  • 2 years prior experience in the automotive repair industry
  • Formal education training such as:
    • Trade-school courses
    • Tech school training and classes
    • Community college classes

Average Salaries in New York by City:

City / RegionTypical SalarySalary RangeJob Count
Albany - Schenectady - Troy $38,630 $22K - $60K1950
Binghamton $33,200 $19K - $48K560
Buffalo - Niagara Falls $34,060 $20K - $53K3110
Elmira $28,220 $19K - $46K280
Glens Falls $37,090 $22K - $51K340
Ithaca $39,720 $22K - $51K200
Kingston $37,610 $23K - $54K470
Nassau - Suffolk (Metro Area) $39,260 $21K - $72K6220
New York - White Plains - Wayne (Metro Area) $40,190 $21K - $72K14510
Poughkeepsie - Newburgh - Middletown $40,730 $19K - $81K1970
Rochester $39,180 $21K - $57K2660
Syracuse $39,850 $24K - $57K2030
Utica - Rome $34,230 $22K - $48K730

Personal Attributes for New York Credentialed Auto Mechanics

Eagle Eyes: Motor vehicle issues can frequently times result from forgotten about details or issues which could be caught by a extremely experienced technician. The nature of an automotive mechanic is to examine every last potential trouble with great depth when reaching a prognosis or repair service.

Good ase certification costCustomer Service Background: Automobile service technicians work closely with potential customers day after day, and the most successful technicians establish special personalized connections with their clientele that keep them coming back for potential future maintenance. Many technicians undervalue this part of the New York auto repair marketplace.

Diagnostic Skills: An important competency of automotive specialists certainly is the competency to diagnose electrical, technical, and wear-related complications with automobiles and other intricate systems. The competency to recognize and correct problems frequently comes with practical experience and training in a repair and maintenance shop.

Next Steps towards ASE Certification

Now that you’re familiar with all of the ASE Certification requirements in New York, try out our free Automotive Service Excellence Tests to see how much you know! When you’re ready, register for the ASE Exam on the official site.