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Auto Mechanic Salaries in South Carolina (ASE Certified, State Qualified, Salary by City)

The great news is throughout the State of South Carolina, any automotive service technician is not obligated to have a license to diagnose and fix vehicles!

However, even if there’s not a structured or national qualification does not always mean most mechanics are equally skilled for a position in an automotive repair shop.

Various other Experience

Making oneself a great deal more valuable to potential business employers, the majority of automotive specialists may find that his or her employment opportunities improve if they’re able to obtain extra accreditations and education:

Automobile Service Excellence (ASE) Certification in South Carolina

Quite a few how to be a mechanicmechanics elect to get specialised qualification from the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) ( ASE is an unbiased, non-profit organization that improves the the level of quality of vehicle maintenance and service by certifying and testing repair work and auto service specialists. ASE Certification almost always is a significant part of an auto mechanic’s occupation and resume, that will help highlight ability and help to make mechanics much more marketable to potential hiring managers. Just make sure to put in some time to study for the tests making use of our free of charge assessment resources and questions. Auto specialists along with other service professionals that want to get ASE certification may take each of ASE’s 40 assessments. Upon completing these job-related skill examinations, the technician will become ASE certified in any one of the following areas: Automobile, truck, school bus, and many more.

Refrigerant Certification in South Carolina

The American Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requires all automotive specialists that work with or acquire refrigerants to obtain certification in suitable handling of refrigerants. At this time there is not a formalised exam preparation necessary, but quite a few unions, trade schools, and employer groups offer instructional classes and classes for examination preparation. Additional details about this certification are available on the official EPA page.

ASE Student Certification in South Carolina

ASE Student Certification can help you get on the perfect track for establishing a career as a good service specialist in the vehicle industry. Compared to the actual ASE official certifications, there aren’t any work experience prerequisites for student certification. Any candidate basically has to complete one or more of the student certification tests. Once the trainee has proficiently finished one or two tests, the school prints the certification and has it approved by the school principal and it is given to the individual. The student qualification is valid for two years from the test date.

Within South Carolina, auto technicians who fulfill the following prerequisites are much more apt to acquire a position in an motor vehicle repair center as compared with job seekers which do not fulfill many of these minimal requirements:

  • Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) Certification (Master Mechanic certification preferred)
  • South Carolina work experience in one of the following areas:
    • Parts Specialist – 2 years
    • Service Consultant – 2 years
  • On-the-job training from local automotive dealers
  • 2 years prior experience in the automotive repair industry
  • Formal education training such as:
    • Vocational training
    • Tech school training and classes
    • Lubrication technician experience

Salaries and Incomes for Motor vehicle Specialists in South Carolina

City / RegionTypical SalarySalary RangeJob Count
Anderson$34,080 $20K - $57K220
Charleston - North Charleston - Summerville$35,230 $22K - $59K1,560
Columbia$34,980 $20K - $58K1,320
Florence$31,670 $17K - $46K520
Greenville - Mauldin - Easley$32,480 $20K - $50K1,510
Myrtle Beach - North Myrtle Beach - Conway$34,150 $21K - $56K450
Spartanburg$29,020 $17K - $53K560
Sumter$24,900 $17K - $46K160

Average Salaries in South Carolina by City:

Total Number of Auto Mechanics9,100
Average Annual Salary$35,740
Average Hourly Wage$17.18
Employment (per 1,000 jobs)4.983
Annual Job Growth Rate4.0%
Estimated Job Openings per Year455
Wage Statistics for Automotive Service Technicians (2014 U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics)

Competetive Qualities for South Carolina Licensed Mechanics

Eagle Eyes: Automobile difficulties may often times be caused by missed misalignments or issues which may be detected by a highly detailed mechanic. The nature of an car or truck specialist is to check out every single plausible trouble with perfect detail when reaching a prognosis or repair.

Good free ase study guidesCustomer Service Background: Vehicle service technicians work with customers on a regular basis, and the best auto technicians cultivate special individualized connections with their clients that keep them wanting possible future Assistance. A number of professionals undervalue this aspect of the South Carolina automobile maintenance marketplace.

Ability to Diagnose: A critical proficiency of automobile professionals is definitely the competency to troubleshoot engine, mechanical, and functional problems with automobiles along with other intricate systems. The capability to discover and repair complications generally goes along with practical experience and training in a maintenance shop.

Next Steps towards ASE Certification

Now that you’re familiar with all of the ASE Certification requirements in South Carolina, try out our free Automotive Service Excellence Tests to see how much you know!