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How much does ASE Certification cost? A Complete Breakdown

You’ve been working hard as an automotive mechanic for the past few years, and you feel you’re ready to take your career to the next level.  You’d like to take the Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) certification tests, but what is the actual cost of the ASE tests?

The cost of the ASE certification tests is $47 per test plus a single $34 registration fee paid with each order.  For example, taking the A1 and A2 exams would cost 2 x $47 + $34 = $128.  Although the cost seem pricey, it can more than make up in career growth and additional pay.  Some employers even pay for ASE test fees as an added benefit!

We’ve created a handy table below to quickly calculate how much it will cost to register based on the number of tests:

# TestsCost per TestReg. FeeTotal Cost
1x $47+ $34$81
2x $47+ $34$128
3x $47+ $34$175
4x $47+ $34$222
5x $47+ $34$269
6x $47+ $34$316

Now that you know the basic costs of ASE tests, you’re probably wondering how many tests are available, how many you should complete.

Cost to become an ASE Certified Master Mechanic

There are over 49 different certifications that are available, but by far the most common certifications are the Automotive / Light Truck Tests.  There are 9 certifications for this category commonly known as A1 – A9.  If an auto mechanic is able to pass all 9 of these certifications then they become an ASE Certified Master Mechanic.  Now let’s look at what the total cost would be to take these exams.

If all 9 tests were to be registered at once, the total cost would be 9 x $47 + $34 = $457.  Although this can seem like a large expense, these certifications can be thought of as an investment.  Many technicians report a pay increase of 20-30% after achieving Master Mechanic certification.  You can see how the costs of the ASE tests will quickly pay for itself.

If you’re looking to study for the ASE test, be sure to take our practice tests and utilize our study guides to ensure you ace the tests. Below is the full list of the A1-A9 tests that are required for ASE Master Mechanic Certification.  The table includes the number of questions, testing time, and cost as well.

TestNameNumber of questions*Testing timeCost
A1Engine Repair601¼ hours$47
A2Automatic Transmission / Transaxle601¼ hours$47
A3Manual Drive Train and Axles501 hour$47
A4Suspension and Steering501 hour$47
A5Brakes551¼ hours$47
A6Electrical / Electronic Systems601½ hours$47
A7Heating and Air Conditioning601¼ hours$47
A8Engine Performance601¼ hours$47
A9Light Vehicle Diesel Engines601¼ hours$47

How much does Recertification (Renewal) Cost?

ASE Certification credentials are valid for five years after passing the test.  When your credentials are about to expire, you may take Recertification tests.  Recertification tests are shorter in both time and number of questions – usually about half the number and length.  The cost of the ASE Recertification tests is $47 for each test plus a single $34 registration fee paid with each order.  For example, taking the A3, A4, and A5 Recertification exams would cost 3 x $47 + $34 = $175. 

BUT HERE IS AN IMPORTANT TIP FOR RECERTIFICATION!!!  For Recertification only, you may take as many recertification tests as you want in a single registration window with a total cost cap of $141 + $34 registration fee = $175.  This means that no matter how many recertification tests are taken, you will not have to pay more than $175.

You may take the re-certification tests even if your credentials are expired – and you definitely want to take the recertification instead of the Initial certification test as they are shorter in number of questions and time.

Because credentials are valid for up to 5 years, to maintain Master Mechanic Certification, all 9 Automotive / Light Truck Tests A1-A9 Recertification tests must be passed every 5 years.  Make sure you register for all recertifications in one window so that you only have to pay $175 (See above Tip!).  Instead of having to pay the cost of all 9 exams is 9 x $47 + $34 = $457, you can pay just $175, which saves you $282 every 5 years!

This why you should definitely ask your employer whether they can reimburse you for ASE Certification tests.  Even if your employer does not cover the costs, an ASE Master Mechanic Certification can help you stand out from other technicians land you that new job.

Reduce Costs by Passing the First Time!

This may sound like a no-brainer, but if you fail the certification tests you will have to pay additional fees to re-take the tests.  You definitely want to avoid this at all costs to save you time and money!

At a cost of $47 per test, the price can quickly add up.  Just how quickly you might ask?  If you are trying to pass all 9 Automotive / Light Truck Tests and you fail them and need to re-test, that could be an additional 9 x $47 + $34 = $457, Ouch!

It only makes sense to take these tests once you are well-prepared and have completed multiple study guides and practice tests.  Definitely take advantage of the resources on this page, including test tips, study guides, and of course the FREE practice test questions.

My own mentors have always recommended that I purchase a set of study guide books to help me prepare, and that was excellent advice.

We have a list of study guides that we recommend that you can find here:

Special Tests with a Different Fee

There are a few special advanced tests that cost a bit more than the other 49 standard ASE tests.  These tests are for mechanics who have very specific needs or are pursuing advanced certification. 

  • The Advanced Level Tests L1, L2, and L3 cost $94 each
  • The Military Tactical Wheeled Vehicles (TWV) test costs $74 each
  • The Volvo Certified Level Tests costs $94 each

Most mechanics will not end up taking these tests for certification.  They are advanced certifications, and therefore are priced a bit higher than the other standard tests.  However, getting these certifications could be the difference between getting your dream job, so you should consider looking into them.

Below is the full list of the L1-L3 tests, the number of questions, testing time, and cost.

TestNameNumber of questions*Testing timeCost
L1Advanced Engine Performance602½ hours$94
L2Electronic Diesel Engine Diagnosis452 hours$94
L3Light Duty Hybrid/Electric Vehicle552 hours$94


Hopefully you now feel well prepared to take on the ASE certification tests to boost your career growth (and your paycheck!).  Although a cost of $47 per test may seem a little steep, the payoff is well worth it in terms of landing that new job or asking for a raise. 

Once you are able to achieve your ASE Master Mechanic Certification (and any additional certifications), make sure you take advantage of the capped $145 for Recertification that allows you to take as many exams as you want in one registration window.