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Colorado Mechanic Salaries, Statistics, Wages, and ASE Certification Requirements

The good thing is throughout the State of Colorado, an car technician is not mandated to possess a license to service automobiles!

But nevertheless, even though there is no official or universal requirement does not mean all auto technicians are similarly competent for a job in an automobile mechanic shop.

Salaries and Incomes for Motor vehicle Technicians in Colorado

Total Number of Auto Mechanics11,840
Average Annual Salary$41,380
Average Hourly Wage$19.89
Employment (per 1,000 jobs)5.158
Annual Job Growth Rate4.0%
Estimated Job Openings per Year592
Wage Statistics for Automotive Service Technicians (2014 U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics)

ASE Student Certification in Colorado

ASE Student Certification will help you proceed on the right track for developing a career as an effective service qualified professional in the motor vehicle industry. Unlike the full ASE official certifications, there are no work experience prerequisites for student certification. Any student basically needs to complete one or more of the student certification tests. The moment the applicant has skillfully completed one or two assessments, the school prints the official document and has it approved by the school principal and it is presented to the individual. The student accreditation is valid for two years after the exam day.

Competetive Qualities for Colorado Certified Auto Mechanics

Detail oriented: Car problems can regularly times result from disregarded problems or circumstances that could possibly be caught by a exceptionally experienced mechanic. The nature of an vehicle specialist is to check out every last possible issue with outstanding detail when reaching a diagnosis or repair.

Customer Service Experience: Automobile service professionals assist potential customers day after day, and the best auto technicians develop close personalised working relationships with their clientele that keep them coming back for future Assistance. A number of specialists undervalue this aspect of the Colorado motor vehicle maintenance market place.

Troubleshooting skills: A vital competency of service professionals is definitely the ability to diagnose electrical, physical, and wear-related problems with cars and other complex systems. The skill to recognize and repair complications usually comes with on-the-job experience and training in a repair and maintenance shop.

Operating ase testin Colorado, auto mechanics that match the following criteria are significantly almost certainly going to be given a career in an motor vehicle repair shop as compared with job seekers who do not meet some of these minimum criteria:

  • Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) Certification (Master Mechanic certification preferred)
  • Colorado work experience in one of the following areas:
    • Repair Technician – 1, 2, or 3 years
    • Collision Damage Estimator – 2 years
  • On-the-job training from local automotive dealers
  • 2 years prior experience in the automotive repair industry
  • Formal education training such as:
    • Vocational training
    • Tech school training and classes
    • Community college classes

Extra Experience

To help make oneself considerably more marketable to future auto repair shops, a lot of auto technicians may find that their job prospects strengthen if they can achieve extra qualifications and instruction:

Automobile Service Excellence (ASE) Certification in Colorado

Many auto technicians choose to get special qualification from the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) ( ASE is an self-governing, non-profit organisation that enhances the the effectiveness of car or truck maintenance and auto service by certifying and validating repair and auto service individuals. ASE Certification can be a vital aspect of an auto technician’s experience and resume, and will help showcase capabilities and make applicants much more marketable to potential hiring managers. Simply make sure you invest some time to study for the assessments making use of our free of charge testing articles and questions. Auto service technicians and other auto service specialists that would like to get ASE certification can take a few of ASE’s 40 assessments. Upon passing these job-related skill level assessments, the mechanic becomes ASE certified in any of the following subjects: Automobile, truck equipment, collision repair, and much more.

Refrigerant Licensing in Colorado

The American automotive technician trainingEnvironmental Protection Agency (EPA) calls for all automotive service technicians that work with or buy refrigerants to obtain certification in proper handling of refrigerants. Right now there is no formal test preparation necessary, but a large number of labor unions, technical schools, and company organizations offer courses and workshops for assessment preparation. Additional information on this qualification can be obtained on the official EPA website.

Average Salaries in Colorado by City:

City / RegionTypical SalarySalary RangeJob Count
Boulder$32,940 $18K - $59K870
Colorado Springs$42,630 $21K - $63K1,590
Denver - Aurora - Broomfield$37,120 $21K - $63K5,830
Fort Collins - Loveland$40,370 $25K - $65K780
Grand Junction$38,450 $25K - $61K390
Greeley$34,590 $21K - $62K430
Pueblo$30,360 $21K - $51K260

Next Steps towards ASE Certification

Now that you’re familiar with all of the ASE Certification requirements in Colorado, try out our free Automotive Service Excellence Tests to see how much you know!